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Yes. That OTHER dork.
Minus the angst of your average teenage LJ.
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Last Wednesday, I arrived at school at an unholy 7 AM to find Clayton eating his free school breakfast (courtesy of MAP testing). Coffey arrived a few minutes later in his black SUV and forced us to get on the bus, which wasn't such a bad thing, because we were just freezing our butts off anyway. We waited maybe 45 minutes, because everyone was late. Joplin was really boring, because we were stuck in Missouri Southern State University with nothing to do for several hours. Many free frisbees were thrown, our bus driver commited a hit and run, and we won sweepstakes. For lunch, we went to some small pizza buffet, where I paid an hour's minimum wage for a tiny slice of pizza. Everyone else ate insane amounts, though... and of course, the girls piled their plates with salad, had a bite, and left the rest untouched.

My school is currently hosting a "Celebrity Sightings" contest to celebrate National Library Week. They bought a few life-size cut-outs of pop culture icons (Austin Powers, Homer Simpson, Legolas, etc.) and put them in the library classroom. The school expects us to fall into another one of their evil money making schemes and have our pictures taken with the cut-outs for 50 cents a photo. What's in it for us? For every photo you purchase, you get your name put in a drawing. If you're chosen, you get to take the cut-out you had your picture taken with home with you.

Their plan would have failed if not for enthusiastic Sumo Lundo Sensei, who, as anyone who's ever taken her tests, is obsessed with Elvis and paid about $15 for her entire second block class to get their picture taken with him. I was somehow forced to pose with Makoski and Kim. God, I hate them both. D:< They were insistent about holding props, which were small, untuned guitars from Mexico that Elvis would have been ashamed of. I was either scowling or blinking in the photo, because seriously? Ew. :< I should have sat with Cory or someone that doesn't make me want shred my photo into pieces. >:|

The day would have been a complete waste if not for the arrival of the American Civil War class. I came out of the library classroom to find that someone had taken my seat, so I sat with Hunter and Elizabeth F. We talked about how retarded and strange everyone is in my class, how Mrs. Lund is nice but in a way that one one cares, and how we never learn anything.

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Third block was completely unproductive, as usual. Graphic Design is such a slack-off class. Most people use it to do their homework from other classes (like homework due next block :D), play card games, or just talk about their slutty love lives. We're supposed to designing cereal boxes. Apparently, I have settled on Abduction-O's. Help save Farmer Bob save Betsy the Cow?!

I was freaking out in History, because something was assigned last Wednesday, when I was in Joplin. We were supposed to find and print out an example of neoclassical, romantic, and realist art and write a paragraph about each example and why we chose it. I had asked Hockensmith on Tuesday if there was anything I needed to do, and he didn't mention anything about this.......... so. uh, I was like, "What the crap?" when he called on me to give one of my examples. Then he gave this speech about being disappointed that so many people failed to do their homework as of late and said that we should regard homework as something very, very important from now on. >:|

After school, Clayton dragged me to see Coffey. Yay for choosing not to go to state. D:<<<
10th-Mar-2006 07:25 pm - Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead!
Let's recap the week, shall we (in VSD style)?

Monday: Modem proceeds to break down until...

Tuesday: Modem meets its doom.

Wednesday: Panic. Like No Other Panic in the World.

Morning began with usual shower, mom nagging at me to get driver's license, skipping breakfast..... and putting on a collared shirt, black slacks, and black stockings, as well as bringing along a blazer and shoes that don't really fit and thus, would probably cause much tripping when someone pushes or shoves possibly by accident in halls or on stairs.

11:09: Dismissed out of the outdated library classroom by Crazy Sumo-Lund.
11:13: Reach student center.
11:15: Ask secretaries--are no help?!
11:16: Search back and front lots.
11:22: Panic and ask secretaries for second time: Clayton has PE second block.
11:23: Reach gym and spot Coach Phillips. Tell her v. bad situation.
11:24: Victor Gosa talks to me for the first time since he stole his best friend's girlfriend and gives hug and asks how I am. Tell him v. distressed about v. bad situation. Coach Phillips asks around. APPARENTLY CLAYTON LEFT 25 MINUTES AGO TO CHANGE. Probably took 5 minutes to change. Realize was stupid to even ask Clayton to take me to ceremony. Not v. happy at him for leaving without me.
11:25: Think about beating Clayton with textbook. Coach Phillips asks if anyone going to OTC third block.
11:26: In hall when bell rings. Stalk to locker to put shoes and blazer away. Still not v. happy.
11:30: In Graphic Design. Imagine how Coffey will react.

Thursday: Late to school due to the bizzare occurence of forgetting glasses, despite fact that am nearly blind without them. Do not know how was even remotely possible.

Coffey spots me during retarded basketball-hallway-notreallycheeringforyoubutwhatever-thing and demands to know why was not at the FBLA District Competition Awards Ceremony on Wednesday. Explained to him Clayton is vague retarded and v. forgetful. Coffey asks if I want to go to State. Says I placed first. Says Clayton has trophy.

Run into Clayton at stairs. Ignored.

Run into Clayton after lunch. Yell at Clayton for being retarded. Not v. loud due to background noise.

Visit Coffey after school.

Threaten to beat Clayton with 1st place trophy when he gives to me.

Drive home (!) without getting into wreck/dying/panicking much.

Friday (today): Tell Coffey do not want to go to state and spend three days sharing room with girly girls.

Still no trophy.

Oh yes, the witch is dead~ ohohoho~.Collapse )
Apparently, we'll be starting to learn how to use Photoshop in Graphic Design on Monday, the results of which I'm very much afraid of seeing. There's this nerdy kid behind me who uh... is really clueless and anxious to use it. And let's not forget all the "art" on deviantART colored by 1st-327th time users of PS. It's like handing a... actually, I can't think of a metaphor for this. D:

Thinking about it is just horrifying in every. single. way. And womg, I have to go through the tutorial, too......... with a crappy school mouse. Nooooooooooooo. CG without a Wacom?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. D8888

Anyway, on to vaguely related topics.

This senior in the class is falling into a trap (of doom). He's decided to go on the Japanese "Study Tour"...... with Mrs. Lund. If I were friends with him, I'd tell him horror stories of Sumo-Lund WHO IS OBVIOUSLY ON SOMETHING MORE THAN CAFFEINE, but since we're not... good luck with that?! (At least he won't have to share a room with her, since you know, he's a guy. DX)

Anyway. Japanese II, Unit II is over! Which means new seating chart! Hooray! While it wasn't as horrible as it was for Unit I, I had to sit by this loser narutard hater of all things not/against naruto/fma/yeahthat'saboutit Matt Gregory who wore a FMA hoodie everyday and whose roots had been left undyed for likely quite some time. Mrs. Lund yells at him, because he's always whiny/causing trouble/not there. I love it when Mrs. Lund's mad--she always ends up chucking people out of the room when she is. :D

Please put me by Cory and/or Ashley, so I don't have to resort to throwing bits of paper into people's hair to entertain myself. D:

I'm bored. D: And the website is going no where, Clayton. :D :D :DDDDD must. stop. reading. bricktestament. but. can't. resist. legos.
9th-Feb-2006 07:08 pm - Did you celebrate Kawachi Day? D8
Monday was Cory's birthday. I warned him last week that if Mrs. Lund realized this, she would go crazy and make the class sing an very bad Engrish Happy Birthday to him, but alas, he was caught off guard. I also wrote him a really long (7-8 pages?) note instead of sleeping.

Today was a very boring day. I got to watch this retarded video about Japan for the second time (once is enough D<) this week. After school, I managed to topple over two chairs I had just put on top of the table in history. Miles attempted to help me.

It's so weird how a lot of people don't like him. It's just because he's (according to everyone and their best friend) a satanist. Also, Brittany says he's only nice to you if he wants in your pants, but he's really nothing short of a perfect gentlemen.

Anyway, back to rambling on about after school activities...

After putting the chairs back on the table, I attempted to discuss my idea for this stupid family project with Mr. Hockensmith, but the retarded student teacher got to me first by a few seconds, because Hockensmith was talking about Russian with Miles. I hate Barney. It's also vaguely creepy that my first grade teacher was Mrs. Barnes, and I keep wondering if they're related?! D<

Then I went to the FBLA meeting, which was, as usual, very, very boring. Coffey gave us pink sheets with information about next week, which is National FBLA Week. There's all this crap we're supposed to do like bring food in for the teacher appreciation thing. I signed up to bring napkins, because that's easy. :D

I tried to attack Tori after that....... and was unsuccessful, because he turned around a second before I lept off the last step....... so instead, I fell on my knees. DX

Then with my completely awesome timing, I walked into the science hall and saw Mrs. Lines opening a trash bag. Somehow, she managed to get me to help her with the campus clean-up with some overly enthusiastic girl I didn't know, this guy from my art class, and Mr. Wilbur in his red afro wig.

... and for the past few hours, I have been trying to work on my portfolio/GIANTFOLDEROFPROJECTS, but have not been getting anywhere... possibly because I have been chatting with Monkey Pan and weirdos from MS. D:
New classes suck. A lot.

This morning, I visited Mrs. Lines and asked her if I could pretend to still be part of her class. D: It's just that bad. D:<

In Algebra, I sit next to all these popular girls, because I was trying to pick a seat as far from the Rubik's Cube loser. This cheerleader or ex-cheerleader is so retarded. I never thought people could be so ditzy, but this girl is whiny and today, she spent the first ten minutes going, "OMG I forgot my calculator. I'm gonna fail this [pre-test], cause I don't have my calculator. Did anyone else forget their calculator? Did you? I don't want to be the only person that forgot their calculator." D:<

Sumo Lund is the same as always (psychotic freak on some sort of medication). She introduced me as the loser that won that stupid contest last year. >:| Everyone is gross/stupid/should die in my class. I think she purposely put us by people we've never met and would likely never like. My group consists first of Lucky M.'s freshman sister who is obsessed with all this mainstream anime and likes to trace pictures. I hate how everyone keeps complimenting her on it. It's obvious she didn't draw any of it, since when she freehands in class, it is utter crap. Then there's some annoying, retarded senior. I thought he was a freshman at first, because he's so... so stupid. All he does is complain and annoy Lucky's sister, which I guess annoys me, too. D:< They both know less than me, and they just got out of Japanese I a few days ago, where as I took it over a year ago. D:< AND. WTF is up with all the freshmen? They are not up to scratch. Last year, the stench was coming from only him, but this year it's everywhere. Cannot breathe. Cannot get used to it. Ever. Ugh.

Even Stewart's musty room is better than it. D: I hope Brittany doesn't drop out of Graphic Design. I sit by some weird druggie and Matt Grant, who may be a druggie too for all I know. Yesterday, we spent the period cutting out pictures from magazines for a picture morgue. Today, we started designing personal logos. I think I'm going to use Pong Octopus, dork. D8

Mr. Hockensmith gave us so much homework. It's almost like I'm still in English. DX I don't know what I believe that I can put into 250 words. D8

I can't wait until this semester is over. D:<<<
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